About us

We are one of the leading Latvian companies in the field of trade and construction of high-quality fireplaces and stoves with 25 years of experience and projects in the Baltics, Germany and Scandinavia.

We make a dream come true of a cosy and living fire-heated home by installing a fireplace, furnace or wood stove, our masters are excellent professionals.

We cooperate with architects, designers and builders from project development to finished work, we offer high-class fireplaces, stoves and finishing materials made in Germany and Austria. The range of products of our cooperation partners is large and diverse.

  • Ortner / Austria
  • Ulrich Brunner / Germany
  • Spartherm Feuerungstechnik / Germany
  • Gast Metallwaren / Austria
  • Wodtke / Germany
  • Kaufmann Keramik / Germany
  • Max Blank / Germany
  • BeF Home / Czech Republic
  • Skantherm / Germany
  • DRU / Netherlands
  • Planika /Poland
  • Charnwood /United Kingdom

Many manufacturers offer seemingly similar products, but the statement that only the price level differs is misleading - factories invest huge resources to constantly improve product quality and technical capabilities.

Each of our clients is unique and that is why we offer fireplaces and stoves at different price levels - from economical to exclusive, our specialists individually evaluate and recommend what is suitable for specific wishes and possibilities. Together with the client we find the best solution and perform the work quickly, with high quality and with pleasure!