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Gas Fireplaces

For all, who don't have the capacities for wood fire but also don't want to miss out on a real fireplace, BRUNNER offers an exclusive line of excellent gas fireplaces. The fire looks so real, one might not be able to tell the difference to a traditional wood-burning furnace. And that by the click of a button. All BRUNNER gas fireplaces are equipped with patented and well-tested safety systems and available in numerous variations.

FUORA – flexibility to enjoy your outdoor fire at any particular occasion by german company SPARTHERM.

DRU – the DRU brand is known throughout Europe for its modern gas fireplaces and innovative fireplace technology.

PLANIKA offers advanced gas fireplace systems for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is our customers who choose the suitable supply option, as our modern gas fires allow for both LPG and Natural Gas. The automatic gas fireplaces by Planika combine many intelligent features and uniquely authentic decorative accessories, which give always safe and incredible fire. Planika implements tried and tested safety features that make every gas fireplace reliable and safe. Discover the true quality of Planika.